Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Written story board

Area 1
Ground level

• Start in courtyard, entrance to courtyard blocked by vehicle
• A decade has passed, and the building has been abandoned for unknown reasons

• Building is science/ research based
• Player walks in open door, to find two lift, one destroyed, player finds lift does not work after trying, character is then subtly (with lighting etc.)(directed to a generator/power switch area

• Path is partially obstructed to generator, but generator is visible from lift,
• Path must to generator must include verticality, e.g. moving around objects, possibly include damaged catwalks

• After turning on the generator, a faster path back e.g. emergency lighting
• After activating the lift, lift opens, but seems unstable, e.g. crack, awkward mechanical sounds, uneven doors closing

• The lift moves down for relatively long period, showing scale of building/ depth of destination

• The lift then begins to break, i.e. sounds of breaking, then lights flicker off, then falling sounds, then crash sound,
• Remains black, then fades in, revealing lab

Area 2
Subterranean Lab

• Lab is eerily quiet, with a hum of computers

• Lab is polar opposite of state of ground level, as it is almost spotlessly clean

• Equipment in lab is abandoned, but undamaged, but area has clearly been abandoned in a hurry, i.e. decayed food, personal effects, clocked over objects
• Lab purpose is still quite vague

• Lab has generic computer area, doorways to more interesting areas, locked medical doors
• Translucent curtains split up room

• Large metal doors broken outwards into the room, unknown explanation of how the door has been damaged/ what did it

• Path through the lab is slow moving around desks, curtains etc. so assets can be viewed
• Player reaches chamber through large broken door,

• Chamber is at end of corridor

• lights begin to flicker, large crashing sounds approaching, and unknown sound increases in volume gradually

• Light shut of toward you from a distance, shutting off down the corridor towards you as sounds increase, screen goes black sounds stop
• Present day, current technology, abandoned for ten years
• 10 years of neglect and plants
• Disaster is unknown, with subtle clues, as player enters a lab
• Area is entirely unpopulated
Aims/guidlines for the project:
Very subtle on what exactly has gone wrong
Nothing to obvious in the scene
No blood

Features to include
Flowing water

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